Meet - JOHN THORE SNEISEN, interviewed by Next News Network

Our values - Honesty, Trust, Reliability, Motivation

Service Consulting and The Economic Truth are fronted by father and son Sneisen. We are established in Norway and Canada.

From pure interest in economy, networking and business opportunities we have worked together for more than 10 years. The first 8 years as a hobby, but the last years we are putting the opportunities into a reliable system by cooperating with some of the best providers world wide.

We have contacts world wide and by using our network we may be able to help you to realize your project either you are in America, Europe, Africa or Asia.

In the labile situation in the world economy, we are also recommending to put some of your money into lasting values. Example of this is gold, silver, real estate and more. Read more about the economy on my sons blog: The Economic Truth

He has also written a book about economy explaining how it impacts us.  The book title is: "The End of Freedom, how the monetary systems enslaves us"  Download from Amazon

We are also curious on the new elements in the economy, like digital valuta - the crypto currencies.  There are both reliable and pure fakes out there, but we have evaluated several of them thoroug the last 5 years, and think we may be able to present some of the best.


Great business men motivate us - this is maybe one not everyone knows about:

Meet Jack Ma - founder of the

Jack MA's 10 rules for Success

One of our best motivator - Jack MA - the founder of Alibaba