World wide network of investment and funding


  • We offer investments to our customers in a long range of opportunities. Obviously investing in projects where we are playing a major role will always secure a sound investment with very clear exit strategies.
  • We normally participate at Board of  Directors level to ensure that we follow up on the investment.We can take on investments from USD 1M and upwards.  (download the EC CIS form below)
  • To learn more about the companies we are assisting just click on the links below where you are invited to participate. Some of them are in a phase where we are in the process of raising money, others are currently not in need of funding but their shares are open for trading.
  • Our projects cover all kinds of industries all over the world, but common to them all are that they are groundbreaking and special, offering good returns.


  • We helps companies overcome difficulties and achieve their potential. We identify weakness in the business structure and then implement required change.
  • Our well proven methodology has been successful with both small and medium sized companies.
  • Our strength lies in our ability of our highly experienced Partners located all over the world and to call upon high quality partners who can deliver the specific skills and facilities required.
    • Legal
    • Financial
    • Due Diligence
    • Business Management
    • Technology
    • IP Rights
    • Letter of Credit
  • We assist companies in developing:
    • Strategic Development Plans
    • Business Plans
    • Financial Development Plans
    • Recruitment Strategies
    • Fund Raising
    • Merger & Acquisition
    • Network Building

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To help our clients understanding this very important issue, we have made a document called “Are You Ready for Investors?” Description of the funding program.

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You are welcome to send us your Funding Request. Just download and complete the simple form below, and return it to us together with your Project Presentation, Executive Summary or Teaser